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Mortgage Payments in Montgomery County

When you fall behind on your mortgage payments on your Montgomery County home, it can feel like you’re drowning in debt.

Even if you’re able to make your monthly payment, catching up on a past due balance can be an overwhelming challenge.

There are a few options that can help you to avoid foreclosure in Montgomery County and maybe even keep your house, even if you’re seriously behind in payments. Lots of properties in Montgomery County have been lost to foreclosure, but there are many ways to avoid it.

Help, I’m Behind in My Mortgage Payments in Montgomery County! 5 Things You Can Do To Help Your Situation

1. Bankruptcy:

Bankruptcy is often considered a last resort option for individuals who are struggling with significant debt. It can provide a way to negotiate with multiple lenders at once and potentially find relief from overwhelming financial burdens. However, it’s essential to note that bankruptcy does not typically offer a solution for avoiding mortgage payments or other secured debts. The process of filing for bankruptcy can be complex and requires significant effort to navigate successfully. Additionally, different lenders may respond to your circumstances in unique ways, which can further complicate the process. Seeking professional help from a qualified bankruptcy attorney or financial advisor is critical to ensuring you receive the best possible outcome. While bankruptcy may not be the ideal solution, it can provide much-needed relief for individuals who are facing a challenging financial situation.

2. Reaffirm:

Reaffirming a loan can be a useful strategy in certain circumstances, but it’s essential to be aware of the potential risks and penalties involved. When you reaffirm a loan, you are essentially making an additional commitment to pay off your debt, even in bankruptcy. This decision can come with some unseen penalties that may not be immediately apparent. For example, in some states where reaffirmation is allowed, it can create additional liabilities if your property is eventually auctioned off. This can further complicate an already challenging financial situation, potentially leaving you with even more debt to manage. Before deciding to reaffirm a loan, it’s crucial to carefully consider your options and consult with a qualified professional to ensure you fully understand the potential risks and consequences. By taking a thoughtful and informed approach, you can make the best possible decision for your financial situation and work towards achieving a more stable and secure future.

3. Making Home Affordable (MFA):

If your mortgage qualifies, you might be able to participate in MHA. Any loans backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac must be considered for MHA, and other lenders choose to participate in MFA.

With MFA, your payments and/or interest rates might be lowered – even the principal balance (if your home is worth less than you owe). If you’re unemployed, you might be able to get your payments temporarily suspended or reduced.

MFA is a government program, so be prepared to deal with lots of paperwork. It ain’t free money – you gotta work for it.

4. Negotiate with your bank:

Lots of lenders routinely offer some level of assistance. You have to work hard at it, but you might be able to get your interest rate reduced or a temporary reduction in your payment.

Most of the time, lenders will want to steer you to refinance your loan – but by the time you’re a few payments behind, you probably don’t qualify for a reduction in interest rate.

You have to work really hard to negotiate with a bank. Usually, it takes lots of calls and the patience of a saint to get through the bureaucracy. Never, ever act rude. Ask for help from everyone you speak with, but don’t sound desperate. Explain your situation, offer supporting documents, and reassure the bank that you want to live in your home for the long term.

If you’re in need of a temporary fix and want to stay in your home, most banks can be forgiving. Sometimes they’ll be willing to add a few months of payments back onto the primary balance of your loan. It’s all dollars and cents to them, so remind them that you need their help to give them a lot more money in the long run. If they have to sell your house at a foreclosure auction, they’ll take a huge loss.

That sounds obvious, but for some reason, bankers seem to forget it when saying no to someone in need of help.

5. Borrow money from a private investor:

If you’re struggling to keep up with your mortgage payments and need to sell your home quickly, we are here to assist you. At Property Buyer Today, we understand that facing foreclosure can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. That’s why we specialize in working with homeowners in Montgomery County to find solutions to their foreclosure problems. Our team of experts can help you explore all of your options, from selling your home to potentially finding ways to stay in it. We pride ourselves on providing personalized and compassionate service to each of our clients, and we’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure that you feel supported and empowered throughout the process. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you find a solution to your foreclosure problems.

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