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We are Property Buyer Today, LLC and we’re confident that you’ll love working with our team! You’ll love our outstanding customer service and you’ll enjoy a fair offer and quick cash closing on your timeline.

Dave, MBA, CPA, Co-Owner
David has spent the better part of two decades investing in real estate and has established a reputation for being able to help sellers maneuver through some of the more difficult real estate issues. What he enjoys most about real estate is taking something that is old and making it new again, creating value for sellers and buyers alike and working with his hands.

Kim, Co-Owner
Kim spent the majority of her career designing and developing healthcare facilities throughout the eastern United States. In 2015, she joined David full time supporting him with project management, marketing and sales. Kim loves the design aspect of real estate and appreciates having a business that she and Dave can involve their children in. From demo, to window cleaning to hammering nails and stamping letters – we constantly have the opportunity to teach our kids real life skills and the value and satisfaction of seeing a project through!

Meet Chandler

Our team has a lot of experience buying homes and working with challenging situations. We’re great at what we do and this experience often gives us a different perspective and allows us to see possible solutions that you may not have been aware of.

“Although we are always willing to make you an offer, if we are aware of a better solution, we will share that with you as well.”

Meet Sal

We want you to love your experience working with us and we want you to feel empowered by your decision. That’s why we offer full transparency on how we calculate your offer. Make sure you check out our How Does It Work page which will help you analyze your offer and make the best decision for your situation.

If you want to know your options, start here! Complete the form to receive your no-obligation cash offer!

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We Want To Make You A Raving Fan Of Our Company!

RAVING FAN – / rey-ving fan / – noun

A customer who is so overwhelmed and floored by the outstanding customer service they’ve received that they can’t stop telling everyone about it.

It’s true!

We want you to do be glad that you did business with us! Sure, Property Buyer Today is a for-profit business, but we are also a for-people and for-purpose business. We are committed to providing you with the best offer possible, a simple and hassle-free process and a cash closing on your timeline.

We have an awesome team working on your behalf and I’m confident that you will love them as much as I do!

Chandler and his team were great. Handled all our needs, and made things run smoothly. Would easily recommend this team for anyone selling their property.

~ Kathryn Falgie

Why Philadelphia, Charlotte, And Tampa Bay?

Although the Philadelphia Suburbs are home to our family and our main office, we now have locations and teams serving the Charlotte and Tampa Bay areas as well. Our expansion into these markets was not by coincidence, but rather the result of referrals from folks that had done business with us in the past and then recommended us to their friends and family who were selling homes in those areas.

No matter the location, you can be confident that we will provide you with a fair offer, a simple process and excellent customer service.

We want you to be so happy with your home selling experience, that you would not hesitate to recommend us to a friend of family member looking to sell a property.

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Property Buyer Today is a

In 2021, Property Buyer Today will again work with local churches, camps and youth sports programs to provide $50,000 (minimum) in scholarships to ensure that underprivileged youth within our 3 markets are given opportunities to participate in youth sports and summer camp programs.

If you know of a child who could use our help, please reach out to me directly at 610-822-9519 or by email at