How To Sell Your House Without An Agent in Montgomery County

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More and more people are learning how to sell your house without an agent Montgomery County, which in turn, saves time and money! When thinking about selling your Montgomery County house, you need to know that you have options! Listing your home on the MLS is not the only way to sell your house. Learn more about it works in our latest blog!

How To Sell Your House Without An Agent in Montgomery County

What are the benefits to listing without an agent?

Getting rid of the middleman comes with a plethora of advantages, foremost among them being the potential to save money by avoiding commissions and out-of-pocket expenses when listing a home. In order to present a competitive property, it is often necessary to undertake repairs and upgrades. However, anyone who has engaged in DIY home repair projects understands that unexpected expenses and multiple visits to home improvement stores are common. Hiring professionals for such tasks can substantially increase costs. It is prudent to tackle projects within one’s capabilities and avoid using this opportunity as a testing ground for new techniques like wall texturing.

When you don’t use a realtor, you don’t have to pay anyone a commission. A direct sale between two private parties will allow you to keep money in your pocket! You can expect to pay about 6% of your final sale price is commissions to the agents. This can be several thousand dollars! Also, when you work with n agent, you will typically be bound by a listing agreement, giving them the exclusive right to sell. This means, no matter how you sell the home (even if you find the buyer yourself) you will still owe a commission to your agent.

How do I get started?

Set your price, but do your homework first. People often think their homes are worth more than they actually are. Don’t count on Zillow or other sites to give you your home value. Most realtors never go by these numbers as they often become skewed by false data. Research is key when determining the value of your home. Look at what houses in your area are selling for. Not what they are listed at, but what the final sales prices are. You can ask a realtor to help with a CMA, get information without signing a listing agreement. If you try to set your price high and aren’t seeing any interest, you can always lower it. However, prospective buyers will be able to see your pricing history on the MLS and sites like Zillow and Trulia. Repeated, small drops can make you look desperate as a seller, or it could signal that something is wrong with the home. Try to set a fair and well-thought out price from the get-go, and you won’t have to deal with lowering it or not having interest. You can always seek the opinion of a professional appraiser. This will typically cost a few hundred dollars.

Work Your Advertising Game

Pictures say a thousand words! Time and time again, you see real estate listings with poor imagery. If you want to sell your house using online advertising, you need to have great pictures! If your pictures don’t look professional, hire a pro! This might be one of the best things you do when selling your home. In addition to great pictures, you need to make sure the text gives as much detail about the property as possible. Let people know exactly what they are getting, and make sure to touch on every amenity the house offers. Be sure to be mindful of Protected Classes in all of your advertising.

Make It Happen!

When embarking on the journey of preparing your house for listing, it is absolutely crucial to dedicate thorough and unwavering efforts to the task at hand. Cleaning becomes an art form as you surpass all prior cleaning endeavors, leaving no corner unpolished and no surface untamed. Take a meticulous approach to address any discernible repairs, ensuring that every aspect of your home exudes an impeccable allure. Furthermore, as you embark on the process of decluttering, let go of personal items and possessions that may hinder the potential buyers from immersing themselves in the space. Transform your house into a haven where visitors are embraced with a warm welcome, enabling them to envision their future within its walls without feeling like unwelcome intruders.

Create a comprehensive list highlighting the selling points and upgrades of your property to showcase to prospective buyers. If you recently replaced the AC or had a new roof installed, be sure to inform them. Provide a flyer or brochure containing this information along with your contact details. Additionally, strive to act as a knowledgeable “concierge” for potential buyers. While real estate agents typically handle area-related inquiries, you should be well-versed in these matters too. Prepare a map with important locations marked, be aware of nearby schools, and have an understanding of commute times.

You’ve Found A Buyer, Now What?

As you navigate the path of selling your property without the assistance of an agent, it is of utmost importance to establish a comprehensive and legally binding contract. In order to safeguard your interests, it is imperative to accept offers solely in written form, ensuring that each offer includes a deposit. Seeking guidance from a qualified attorney is highly recommended, and you should proceed with accepting an offer only upon their approval, taking into account any legal implications. Given your responsibility for managing all legal and financial paperwork, it is in your best interest to collaborate with a reputable lawyer who specializes in real estate transactions. Additionally, it is prudent to work with a trusted title company that you have established a relationship with, as their expertise will provide you with peace of mind throughout the process.

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